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The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

I have studied nutrition and wellness care for 35 years. A major part of my post graduate education has involved the science of nutrition, food and diet recommendations. Supplementation has always been a secondary process in enhancing the specific needs of the patient. I started in the early 90’s studying the ZONE diet by Dr. Sears. I finished his physician’s course and implemented this program into my practice. I was interested in Dr. Sears’ work because he based his recommendations on clinical evidence and the science of the human body. Over the years, I have studied other diet programs and have tweaked my patient recommendations to keep up with the science. I have completed certification programs with Science Based Nutrition, The Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA), and most recently, First Line Therapy program.

Guiding a patient through today’s maze of nutrition, supplements and food is a daunting task. Everyone wants to try the newest, latest, greatest diet or supplement in hopes to find an easier and faster way to be healthy, lose weight or live healthier and longer. Unfortunately, many of these fads are built on false pretense and unproven concepts. They are designed to make money, not necessarily improve your health. Over the past 35 years I have learned several truths about being healthy and staying healthy. First, food is our medicine. Most everything we eat creates a metabolic process in our body that is either good or bad…depending on what we ingest. Second, we truly need to get as much nutrition as possible from good foods and use supplements when necessary.

In recent years, diet and inflammation have become a buzz topic. The interesting fact is that the best diet for controlling inflammation is the same diet I recommended for health and wellness.

There is compelling evidence to show that what we eat can directly and significantly effect our overall health, especially those health issues related to inflammation such as cardiovascular health, degenerative arthritis, metabolic syndrome - to include Type II diabetes, high cholesterol / triglycerides, and Alzheimer’s dementia. I have condensed this information into an easy-to-follow Anti-Inflammatory Nutritional Program to assist individuals on their journey to better health and less pain. Diet and supplement recommendations follow the Modified Mediterranean Diet protocol. The main objective is to obtain the knowledge needed to improve your health and reduce your inflammation. Chasing fad diets and designer nutritional products will simply lead you down a path of dead ends and false promises, detouring you from the healthy life you deserve.

Success will be achieved if you focus on the important things you need to do and change moving forward. The answer is truly in the foods you consume and the lifestyle habits you develop. It would be a pleasure to share this information with you and assist you in your journey to discover less pain, improved health and vitality. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way. Rick L. DaSo, D.C.