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Impulse Treatment Method

In our office we have a state of the art treatment devise that has helped hundreds of patients get natural and long-lasting relief from neck and back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, as well as extremity pain. This is not a brand new experimental procedure but an FDA approved device that has been used in active practice since 1999. I have taken special training in the use of this treatment devise and have been using if with great success since January of 2007.

So what is this treatment method? It is called the Impulse, and while it is performed in a chiropractic facility, it does not involve any of the traditional “so-called” twisting and cracking that most people think of when envisioning chiropractic treatment. Now keep in mind, I do perform the traditional style of chiropractic treatment when it is appropriate. However, many individuals are terrified of the traditional “hands on” treatment but don’t mind receiving the gentle and safe treatment of the Impulse.

Why Impulse iQ adjusting in place of traditional manual manipulations and adjustments

The Impulse iQ was born out of research to create the most efficient and effective chiropractic adjustment in the profession. To improve upon the traditional chiropractic techniques and instruments, the wave form of the iQ was optimized to emulate manual thrust to create a neuromechanical reaction, but 100 times faster, producing more bone movement with less force. (JMPT 2005, 2006) The multi-thrust feature was found to increase mobility by 25% over a single thrust.

These advances in computer and enineering technologies have been able to uniquely blend with chiropractic to improve treatment protocols. Over the past 15 years, research has established the exact mechanism that occurs with the adjustmetn. In the past, it was believed that bones were actually being moved back into place or being "released" after being "stuck" in one place. We now know that this lack of mobility is controlled by the nervous system. Tiny nerves in the joints and surrounding supportive tissues (mechanoreceptors) are in constant communication with the brain establishing increased or decreased movement patterns based on the stimulation and firing of these nerves. The Impulse iQ instrument is able to adjust to the exact frequency and force to maximize motion at the treatment site. The result is improved neurological control of the joint motion and muscle function. This neurological stimulation turns off the pain response initiated by the joint dysfunction.

Comfortable, Consistent, Computerized

The computer assisted Impulse iQ adjusting instrument allows for precise gentle correction without the traditional turning and twisting of the spine. The force is equal to or greater than the "done by hand" method, but because it adjusts to your body's resistance and movement pattern, the pressure you feel is minimized. Ths makes thespinal correction extremely comfortable and consistent from visit to visit.

The Science Behind the iQ

The developers of the Impulse iQ have published their work in over 50 scientific journals, including Clinical Biomechanics, The European Spine Journal, The Journal of Biomechanics and SPINE. No other chiropractic technique can equal the research and development that is behind the Impulse iQ. During the research and development of the Impulse iQ, a method of evaluation and treatment protocols were established. This method is called the Neuromechanical System. This method of evaluation isolates the problem area in a quick and accurate manner and assists the doctor in applying treatment in the most effective way.