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Impulse Treatment Method

In our office we have a state of the art treatment devise that has helped hundreds of patients get natural and long-lasting relief from neck and back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, as well as extremity pain. This is not a brand new experimental procedure but an FDA approved device that has been used in active practice since 1999. I have taken special training in the use of this treatment devise and have been using if with great success since January of 2007.

So what is this treatment method? It is called the Impulse, and while it is performed in a chiropractic facility, it does not involve any of the traditional “so-called” twisting and cracking that most people think of when envisioning chiropractic treatment. Now keep in mind, I do perform the traditional style of chiropractic treatment when it is appropriate. However, many individuals are terrified of the traditional “hands on” treatment but don’t mind receiving the gentle and safe treatment of the Impulse.