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FirstLine Therapy Wellness





FirstLine Therapy (FLT) is a Lifestyle transformation program.  With the changing tide in healthcare today, we are seeing a significant shift in medicine that is moving towards Lifestyle Medicine.  The significance of Lifestyle Medicine is having a specific plan to transform your lifestyle in the areas of food, exercise, and stress managment to create lifelong health, not a quick fix.


The FirstLine Therapy program has been used successfully for over ten years.  The basic philosophy is: FOOD FIRST.  The food we eat is the catalyst that drives our health.  Good food... good health, bad food... bad health.  It is really that simple.  What is good food?  It is not always so simple until you know what to look for when buying and preparing food.  FirstLine Therapy is your answer for putting it all together.


The FLT program is based on the science and research of how our diet, lifestyle, stress and personal activity is direct cause of many of the health issues that plague our society.  Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disorders (osteoarthritis, irritable bowel, etc.), high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, and obesity are directly influenced by our diet and lifestyle.

Your journey will begin with an in-depth initial evaluation with Dr. DaSo.  Your specific program will be designed by the doctor based on your current health status.  Goals and discussion will follow with an experienced Lifesyle Educator.  Over 12 weeks, we will support you in transforming your lifestyle to achieve your goals.



1.  Find out where you are.... test, measure, evaluate.

2.  Dr. DaSo develops a specific plan for you based on the evaluation.

3.  Meet with the Lifestyle Educator to begin your transformation.

4.  Monitor your progress the healthy way... not just by weight loss.

5.  Learn what foods to eat and what not to eat to achieve a higher level of health and well being.  Begin to understand the power of food.

6.  Learn ways to deal with stress and how to incorporate exercise into your life.



Medical Food is formulated to compliment a scientifically designed food plan, targeting multiple pathways in the body's blood sugar and inflammatory processes linked to metabolic syndrome and other cardiovascular-related illnesses.  You can manage current conditions and reduce your risk to developing more serious ones.  In head-to-head comparisions, the Medical Food program demonstrated greater effectiveness than diet and exercise alone.


The Medical Food program is research-based and contains only natural ingredients manufactured to the highest quality standards by Metagenics.


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