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" A Breakthrough in Chiropractic Technology"

Re-connecting the nervous system

Imagine 30-40 years ago, if we were told that dentistry would be painless,  that doctors would watch television to perform surgeries,  that lasers would replace scalpels and a fetus could be operated on within the uterus,  we probably would have not believed it.  All aspects of medicine and healthcare are advancing at record speed.  It wasn't until research established how and why chiropractic treatment works,  that it was able to move forward with new technology.

Advances in computer and engeneering technologies have been able to uniquely blend with chiropractic to improve treatment protocols.  Over the past 10-15 years,  research has established the exact mechanism that occurs with the adjustment.  In the past,  it was believed that bones were actually being moved back into place or being "released" after being "stuck" in place.  We now know that this lack of mobility and increased pain is controlled by the nervous system.  Tiny nerves (mechanoreceptors)  in the jonts and surrounding supportive tissues are in constant communication  with the brain establishing increased or decreased movement patterns based on the stimulation and firing of these nerves. 

The IMPULSE iQ instrument is able to adjust to the proper frequency and force needed to maximize motion at the treatment site.  The result is improved neurological control of the joint motion and muscle function.  This neurolgical stimulation turns off the pain response initiated by the joint dysfunction.

Largo Chiropractor | Largo chiropractic 21st Century Chiropractic |  FL |


Largo Chiropractor | Largo chiropractic 21st Century Chiropractic |  FL |

The developers of the IMPULSE iQ have published their work in over 50 scientific journals,  including Clinical Biomechanics, The Europeon Spine Journal, The journal of Biomechanics  and SPINE.  No other chiropractic technique can equal the research and development that is behind  the IMPULSE iQ. 

During the research and development of the IMPULSE iQ, treatment protocols and a method of evaluation were established.  This method is called the Neuromechanical System.  This method of evaluation isolates the problem area in a quick and accurate manner and assists the doctor in applying treatment in the most effective way.




The computer assisted IMPULSE iQ  adjusting instrument allows for precise gentle correction without the traditional turning and twisting of the spine.  The force is equal to or greater than the "done by hand" method, but because it adjusts to your body's resistance and movement pattern,  the pressure you feel is minimized.   This makes the spinal correction extremely comfortable and consistent from visit to visit. 

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